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The application of graphite in the board mainly has two aspects:

Electronic boards (circuit boards): Graphite is used as a conductive material in electronic boards (circuit boards). Graphite plates can be used as conductive layers, thermal conductive layers or ground layers, and are usually used in high-frequency circuits, radio frequency circuits, microwave circuits and other occasions that require excellent electrical conductivity. Graphite plates have good electrical and thermal conductivity, can effectively conduct current and heat, and provide good signal transmission and heat dissipation.
Structural panels (mechanical panels): Graphite is used in structural panels (mechanical panels) as a lightweight high-strength material. Graphite structural panels offer excellent strength, rigidity and wear resistance while being lightweight. It is often used in the manufacture of structural parts in the fields of aerospace, ships, automobiles, machinery, etc., such as propellers, aircraft fuselage components, mechanical body structures, etc. The high-strength and lightweight design of graphite structural panels can increase the strength and rigidity of the structure while reducing the overall weight, thereby improving performance and energy saving.
In summary, the main application of graphite in boards is as a conductive or structural material. In electronic boards, graphite plates are used as conductive layers, thermal conductive layers or ground layers, providing excellent electrical conductivity and heat dissipation. Among the structural plates, graphite structural plates, as light-weight and high-strength materials, provide good strength, rigidity and wear resistance while reducing overall weight, and are suitable for the manufacture of various structural parts.