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The main use of graphite in filter tubes is as a filter medium or filter material. The following are the main uses of graphite in filter tubes:

Liquid Filtration: Graphite can be used to make filter tubes for liquid filtration applications. Graphite has a fine and uniform pore structure, which can effectively filter solid particles, impurities and suspended matter, making the liquid flowing through the graphite filter tube clean. This is very useful in the fields of water treatment, chemical industry, food processing, etc.
Gas Filtration: Graphite can also be used in gas filtration. Graphite filter tubes can remove particles, dust, pollutants and other impurities in the gas to ensure the purity and quality of the gas flow. This is important for air purification, gas separation and gas treatment in industrial processes.
High Temperature Filtration: Graphite is suitable for high temperature filtration applications due to its high temperature resistance. In high temperature environments, many traditional filter materials may be affected by pyrolysis, oxidation or deformation, while graphite has excellent heat resistance and can maintain structural stability and filtration efficiency at high temperatures.
In summary, the main uses of graphite in filter tubes include liquid filtration, gas filtration and high temperature filtration. These applications make graphite an ideal filter material to effectively remove solid particles, impurities, particulates and contaminants and ensure the required cleanliness and quality standards of the liquid or gas flowing through the pipeline.