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The main use of graphite in gear rings is as a lubricating material and heat transfer material. Following are the major applications of graphite in gear rings:

Lubricating material: Graphite has excellent self-lubricating properties, which can reduce friction and wear between gears and other metal parts. Graphite can form a thin lubricating film on the surface of the gear ring, which reduces the frictional resistance of the gear during operation, reduces energy loss and prolongs the service life of the gear.
Thermally conductive materials: In high-speed gear systems, gear rings can experience high temperatures due to friction and pressure. Graphite has excellent thermal conductivity, which can quickly conduct heat from the surface of the gear ring to the surrounding environment, maintain the proper working temperature of the gear, and prevent overheating from causing performance degradation or damage.
In summary, the main uses of graphite in gear rings are as lubricating and heat conducting materials. As a lubricating material, graphite can reduce the friction and wear between gears, and improve the operating efficiency and life of gears. As a thermally conductive material, graphite can effectively conduct heat away from the surface of the gear ring, maintaining proper operating temperature and ensuring the performance and reliability of the gear. The application of graphite in gear rings helps to improve the operating efficiency and durability of gear systems.