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The primary use of graphite in grill parts is as a heating element and heat transfer material. Following are the major applications of graphite in grill parts:

Heating elements: Graphite has excellent electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance, so it is often used in the heating elements of grills. Graphite heating elements convert electrical energy into heat, producing high temperatures for cooking or grilling food. Graphite heating elements feature rapid heating and high temperature stability for reliable and uniform heating.
Thermally Conductive Material: Graphite has excellent thermal conductivity properties, making it an ideal thermally conductive material in grill components. Graphite quickly transfers heat to different parts of the entire grill for even heat distribution and cooking results. It efficiently transfers heat from the heating element to the grill pan or grid, ensuring that the food is evenly heated during cooking.
In summary, the main uses of graphite in grill parts include heating elements and heat transfer materials. As a heating element, graphite can quickly generate high temperatures for cooking or grilling food. As a thermally conductive material, graphite quickly transfers and distributes heat evenly throughout the grill, ensuring even cooking and searing of food. The application of graphite helps to improve the heating efficiency and cooking quality of the grill, ensuring the taste and cookedness of food.