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The main purpose of graphite screws is to provide reliable fixing and connection under high temperature or special environment. Graphite screws are usually made of high-purity graphite material, which has excellent high temperature resistance and chemical stability, so that it has the following characteristics and advantages in specific applications:

High temperature resistance: Graphite screws are capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures and are generally suitable for fastening and joining in high temperature environments, such as high temperature furnaces, high temperature equipment or heat treatment applications.
Chemical corrosion resistance: Graphite screws have good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of many chemicals and corrosive substances, making them suitable for use in chemically processed or corrosive environments.
High Strength and Lightweight: High-quality graphite screws have excellent strength and rigidity, while being lightweight. This makes them ideal for applications requiring lightweight construction and high-strength connections.
High thermal conductivity: Graphite screws have good thermal conductivity, can conduct heat quickly and evenly disperse it, and help heat disperse and dissipate heat. This is very important in high temperature applications or where good thermal conductivity is required.
All in all, graphite screws are mainly used in high temperature environments or applications that require resistance to chemical corrosion, providing reliable fixation and connection. They have the advantages of high temperature resistance, chemical stability, high strength and light weight, and are widely used in various industrial fields, such as high temperature furnaces, chemical processing equipment, aerospace, etc.