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Graphite is used in several primary applications in sensing instruments, including:

Thermal sensors: Graphite has excellent thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, and is often used in the manufacture of thermal sensor components such as thermometers, thermocouples and thermistors. Graphite’s high thermal conductivity can transmit temperature information quickly and accurately, allowing thermal sensors to accurately measure temperature changes.
Electronic components: Graphite is widely used in the manufacture of various electronic components, including electrodes, contacts, and conductive materials. Due to graphite’s good electrical conductivity and low resistivity, it can provide excellent electronic conductivity, ensuring the stability and reliability of electronic components.
Precision instrument components: Graphite’s high purity and good processing properties make it one of the ideal materials for manufacturing precision instrument components. For example, in optical instruments, graphite can be used to manufacture optical mirrors and mirrors to achieve high-precision optical performance.
Chemical Sensors: Graphite has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for the manufacture of chemical sensors. Graphite can be used in the manufacture of gas and liquid sensors for monitoring and detecting chemical concentrations and changes in different environments.
In summary, the main uses of graphite in sensing instruments include thermal sensing, electronic component manufacturing, precision instrument components, and chemical sensing. These applications show the excellent properties of graphite, which make it play an important role in various sensing instrumentation fields.